Sales Program

1. A letter of introduction on your stationery.

(This will be used by our sales representative as he makes his calls.)

2. A prospect list of good-credit advertisers.

(Please provide the name of the decision-maker for each business)

3. A sample layout of Church Page, to be used on sales calls.

4. Publisher's signature on handbills and certificates of recognition, which we from time to time present to sponsors.

At the completion of the sponsor sales campaign, a list of sponsors and their ad copy will be given to you. Your accounting department should keep a record of dates, should any sponsor cancel. This will help us calculate any unearned commissions to be reimbursed to you.

We have a prepared letter that we ask you to mail to each pastor in your community, informing them of the new Church Pages Feature. This should be done before the first publication date.

Your cost for this sales service would be 30% of the gross revenues for the series. This commission would be payable to CPM in three payments: (at completion of sale, 60 days and 90 days). The fee for newspapers under 4,000 cir. would be 25%.

*As part of the sale service, we will supply artwork FREE of charge.